Augusta Peterson
Full Name Augusta Sabrina Peterson
Birth date August 15
Age 12
Power Invisibility
Eye color Red and Blue
Personality Intelligent and Hard-headed
Siblings Kitsune Peterson and Lockette Peterson
Birth place Korea
Japanese Name Tomiko

Augusta Peterson is a 12yearold who loves manga and being with her friends.

Her and her sisters Kitsune Peterson and Lockette Peterson hardly ever got along:

Like one time Lockette was outside waiting for Augusta to come out and Kitsune screamed really loud for no reason and made Lockette drop her Hello Kitty water proof camera which thankfully didn't brake. Lockette grabbed Kitsune by her ear and said she'd kill her if she did that again


Augusta is a sweet loveable tomboyish girl who always loves to dress up in cosplay costumes. Her favorite cosplay costume is Shugo Chara Amulet Diamond. She also has a intire closet filled with cosplay.


Augusta wears a silver and purple colored t-shirt with a gold and red 3 layer skirt and blue knee length stockings and purple boots. She has red, white and blue colored hair with two red flower shaped pigtail holders.



Augusta lived in Korea then moved to Japan where she met Zoey Heart, Michelle Heart and Mackenzie Heart at AngelWingz Academy. She is apart of the soccor team and the book club. Before she moved she, her mom, Lockette, Kitsune and their older brother Micheal lived in North Korea where she went to Serephim Academy a academy for kids with uncontrolable powers. But was released from the school because she, like Topaz could never seem to control her powers. When she transfered to AngelWingz, the