Dark Zoey is an exact clone of Zoey Heart, only evil. She works for Razor. She has the power of Black Raging
Kiyori, Dark Zoey or Zoey being controlled

Dark Zoey (Kiyori)

Fire, a double from Zoey's Raging Fire. After she was created she made "Dark" versions of the other Powder Puff Girlz and that was the beginning of the Dark Powder Puff Girlz. Kyori or (Dark Zoey) loves destroying things including things around DPPGz's hideout which ticks everyone else off.


Kyori is called many things such as: "Fire Demon", "Black Witch of Fire", "Dark Princess of Fire" (Princess of Fire is Zoey's nickname)


Kyori wears a vest type outfit that has a neck band that connects with the shoulder bands. She wears a black skirt that has a crimson bow and black boots and black leg bands that have ruby spikes on them, that can slice through anything.


Love InterestEdit

Kyori has 5 weaknesses. For example, she can't stand scary stories (even if she's evil), she has a crush on the same boy Zoey likes, Skyler Kitori.


Kyori is afraid of snakes and bugs


Kyori doesn't have very many friends. The only friends she has are the DPPGz and a few at school.