Jaden Kitori
Jaden Kitori
Full Name Jaden Cerbex Kitori
Birth date September 24
Age 19
Power Cyber Chaos Claw
Eye color Blue
Personality Strong, Mischievous, Quiet
Siblings Daichi Kitori, Mitchell Kitori, Kendall Kitori, Randell Kitori, Micah Kitori, Tyler Kitori and Quinton Kitori and Taylor Kitori
Birth place Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Name Ren

Jaden Kitori is the father of Skyler Kitori, Seth Kitori and Destiny Kitori. Jaden was born in a group of wolves called the Wolf Pack. His mate Jasmine Motoshi was only 18 when she gave birth to Skyler and Seth and 20 when she had Destiny. Jaden is the second oldest in his family. Daichi Jaden's older brother was attacked by an ancient spirit named Orashi, a spirit that later took over their youngest brother Taylor Kitori.