14 girls that have magical powers join together to create the PowderPuff girlz

In the groupEdit

The PowderPuffgirlz consist of

  1. Zoe Heart
  2. Mackenzie Heart
  3. Michelle Heart
  4. Angel Neko
  5. Augusta Peterson
  6. Topaz Michaels
  7. Julyza Owens
  8. Tiffany Daniels
  9. Anrisa Matthews
  10. Princess Whitmore
  11. Emerald Cascada
  12. Marigold Hansen
  13. Shadow Martin
  14. Alex Timbers.

Each girl has powers such as: Fire, Water, Lightning, Sky, Invisibility, Electricity, Dinosaurs, Stars and more.

When each girl met they quickly became friends and joined up as a team.


The Powder Puff Girlz have many enemies but the hardest one to destroy was Razor. Razor is a robot built by Dr. Shinzu a good friend to Zoey, Michelle and Mackenzie.

One night while exploring Dr. Shinzu's lab Razor was activated by accident and started destroying the lad. And Dr. Shinzu had ran into the lab while trying to stop Razor he was killed by Razor's sawblade hands. Zoey, Michelle and Mackenzie ran into the room but before they could fight back Razor disappeared into the shadows.

Powder Punk GirlzEdit

The Powder Punk Girlz are not only enemies of the Powder Puff Girlz but are also their cousins. They consist of Arica Addams, Zayna Addams and Killara Addams. The worst part about knowing PPGz is because Zoey, Mackenzie and Michelle never know what their cousins will do. Ever since they were kids they always picked on each other.

Academy RivalsEdit

Besides relative and friend rivalry, AngelWingz Academy has its own rival, DevilWingz Academy. From when they first opened, both Academies have been at each other's throats. 

The Power Girls Edit

The Power Girls are a second magical girl group that are rivals of the PPGz, and are based in North America.