Shadow Martin
Shadow before PPGz
Full Name Shadow Cera Martin
Birth date January 1
Age 15
Power Shadows
Eye color Red (purple currently)
Personality Quiet and mischievous
Siblings Onia and Anira
Birth place In Razor's lair

Shadow Martin is a 15 year old DNA experiment gone wrong. She was created by Razor to be the most evil fighting machine ever, but she didn't have enough evil DNA inside of her so she became good. In addition to that, she eventually fused with a human to become a living breathing girl. She has awesome ninja skills, and is very good at acrobatics. Her clothes consist of a purple necklace that controls the power of the shadows, a black tank top, and a purple skirt. She is also a proud member of the Powderpuff Girlz.


Shadow's hobbies are playing basket ball, (she some times loses control over her powers) she also likes witchcraft, destroying things, and dressing up in goth clothes. She is very good at casting spells. She once cast a spell on Zoey making a Dark Zoey side which went wrong, and separated from her to make a clone that became evil and went to work for Razor.