Skyler Kitori
Skyler Kitoya
Full Name Skyler Alexander Kitori
Birth date January 14
Age 15
Power Water
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Personality Strong and quiet
Siblings Seth Kitori and Destiny Kitori
Birth place the outskirts of Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Name Yori

Skyler Kitori is 15 years old. He was born January 14, 1995. Skyler has a twin brother and younger sister named Seth Kitori and Destiny Kitori. Skyler and his siblings attend AngelWingz Academy which is good for them because their whole family are wolves. A pack roaming Japan years before the pack met their worst enemy Razor.


Skyler is usually harmless with occasional hissy fits. He's extremely good with animals, girls and friends. He can't swim because of bad memories of his mother drowning while trying to stop a mountain lion from killing him.


Skyler wears a red shirt with a short-sleeve black vest, blue jeans and red and black knee high boots and red fingerless gloves. When he was kidnapped by Razor, his shirt was ripped off so he only had his open vest and jeans.



Skyler did not have a happy childhood. First Jasmine Motoshi, Skyler's mother dies while trying to save him when his uncle Taylor Kitori (possessed by Orashi at that time) persuaded a mountain lion to try to kill Jaden because he was the Alpha Male but instead the lion went after Skyler. He was only 3 years old. In a panic Yasmine (Jasmine) ran to grab Skyler but was inpaled by the mountain lion's claws, she stumbled but was able to grab Sky before the lion pounced. Jasmine lived only a few hours more before finally passing.  After that Jaden is left to take care of the twins and Destiny. 

Teen lifeEdit

Skyler when kidnapped by Razor

Skyler chained.

At 13 he and his family moved to a house in the city and was enrolled in AngelWingz.One night Jaden receives a message from Razor and sends Skyler, Seth and Destiny to investigate his secret lair. While they're looking around Razor suddenly jumps out and instantly goes after Skyler. Sky tries to get away but Razor injures his leg severely. Destiny and Seth try to help but Razor threw two blades in their direction.