Topaz Michaels
Full Name Topaz Anne Michaels
Birth date April 5
Age 14
Power Electricity
Eye color Blue
Personality Tomboy
Siblings Skyler Michaels
Birth place Dublin, Ireland
Japanese Name Natsuki

Topaz Michaels is a 14 yearold tomboy who likes starting fights which made her parents send her to a 'Special School' that she always managed to run away finally her parents sent her to AngelWingz Academy where she met Zoey Heart, Mackenzie Heart and Michelle Heart.


Topaz is a full fledge tomboy she gets into a lot of fights which gets her kicked out of school


Topaz wears a purple kimono shirt blue skirt with shorts underneath and purple and blue boots. Also she wears a boys' t-shirt, boys' shorts and boys' hightops and a blue and purple baseball cap.



Topaz lived in Dublin, Ireland where she met Staci Anderson a 13 year old girl whose parents died in a car accident.

Topaz and Staci went to St. Patrick Junior High together where they met Alison Anthony, Brittin Morrison and Baylee Thorne who moved from Germany, England and Scotland. When she moved, Topaz made sure that she would keep her powers under control by wearing a neckband that would store her powers in it. When she moved to Japan she went directly to AngelWingz Academy because of the center for kids with uncontrolable powers. There she met Zoey and the PowderPuff Girlz. She enjoyed it until one day when students started disappearing and that was the first time she released her power. One day after school she overheard two men speaking to each other about who from St. Patrick Junior High they were going to kidnap next. Shockingly Staci's name came up. She quickly