Zoe Heart
Zooey Heart redone no bg

Full Name Zoe Marie Heart
Birth date February 17
Age 16
Power Fire
Eye color Purple
Personality tomboyish
Siblings Mackenzie Heart and Michelle Heart
Location Tokyo, Japan
Japanese Name Kumiko

Zoe Heart is 16 and loves to dress up in cosplay. She plays girls' basketball, is on the cheer-leading team and likes to design her and her friends' outfits for daily life. As the leader of Powder Puff Girlz she is the first and last (on occasion) to fight. With her twin sister and little sister their powers combined creates Blazing Lightning Hurricane Blast which can wipe out an enemy and erase their memories permanently, which has only be done once.

Personality Edit

Zoey's personality is tomboyish, athletic and adventurous. Sometimes, her personality changes from sweet 'girly girl' to 'mischievous tomboy'. Mostly she stays a tomboy, sometimes she wears normal girl outfits. When she's mad she never
Zoe in her cheerleading outfit (updated)

Zoe in her cheer outfit